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ARA Basic Plan

As an ARA Basic Plan member, you have access to all of the savings and program features listed here. These features are also part of the ARA Careington Ultimate Discount Plan membership.

ARA has teamed up with Enhanced Benefit Programs to provide you with the EBC eMembership Card. By using the EBC eMembership Card you and your family can access savings on Vision, Hearing, Dental and Prescription drugs.

Except where noted, your spouse and dependents are included in membership features at no extra cost.

For more information, click on the photo or the listing in each of the categories.


Healthcare Savings Travel & Leisure Shopping
EBC Card
  Vision Discounts
  Dental Benefits
  Hearing Healthcare / Hearing Aids
  Worldwide Drug Program
  Prescription Drug Discounts
  Universal® Prescription
  Diabetic Supplies
  Lab Test Benefits
  Diagnostic / Imaging Benefits
  Consult a Doctor
  Pet Insurance
Choice Hotels
Exclusive ARA Worldwide Hotel Discount Program
Collette Vacations
Car Rental Discounts
Flower Discounts
Online Shopping
  Vintage Times  


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